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Egyptian Arabic Verbs and Grammar

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About the course

In this course, you will learn all the grammatical cases and forms in Egyptian Arabic You also get 20 PDF files that have example sentences, drills, and notes on the top 20 verbs in Egyptian Arabic Video Course Content: ✅ What are all the grammatical cases and forms in Egyptian Arabic? ✅Conjugating the perfect tense ✅Hollow verbs ✅Defective and geminate verbs ✅The imperfect tense ✅Usages of the imperfect ✅Modal auxiliaries ✅Understand the three types of verbs: action, stative, movement ✅The be-imperfect ✅The ha-imperfect ✅The active Participle: what it is; how to form it; how to use it ✅The imperative: two ways to form it ✅The passive participle ✅Verbal nouns ✅How to make 3-letter verbs passive ✅Changing verbs by making others perform the action




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