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Explaining 20 Egyptian Songs

About the course

In this course, we will briefly go over 20 Egyptian songs that some of my students chose. The songs are briefly explained in the videos. But download the accompanying PDF files to go further. Songs explained (spelled as found on YouTube): ✅ Garh El Hawa by Hakim ✅Helwa Ya Baladi by Dalida ✅3 Dawat by Abu ✅Hekayti Ma3a El Zaman by Mohamed Mounir ✅Ana Negm by Cairokee ✅Habibty by Hassan Shakosh ✅Gayya Maak by Nacy Ajram ✅Ana ba3sha2 El Bahar by Mohamed Mounir ✅Kolama Afakar Fek by Hamada Helal ✅Mabrook Aleina by Ramy Sabry ✅Al Qalb Al Tayeb by Mohamed Fouad ✅Tamally Maak by Amr Diab ✅The them song of ElKabir Awi (played with the opening credits of each episode of the series) ✅Boshret Kheir by Hussain Al Jassmi ✅Ahwak by Abdel Halim Hafez ✅Heya Di by Tamer Hosny ✅Oum O2af by Bahaa Sultan ft. Tamer Hosny ✅Alf Leila We Leila (half the song) by Omm Kulthum ✅El Alem Allah by Amr Diab ✅Ya Mn3n3 by Moustafa Hagag




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