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Egyptian Arabic (A1.2)

About the course

This course is aimed at learners of EA who already know the basics, but want to take their vocabulary to the next level and sound more like an Egyptian. We cover 16 different topics, and we keep reviewing them throughout the course to make sure your don't learn each vocabulary item only once. After each set of four lessons, we have a lesson that reviews these four lessons. The vocabulary comes in with examples sentences and pictures to reinforce the vocabulary in your memory. After the vocab sections, we usually have a text based on this vocabulary. And finally, we have discussion questions at the end of lessons to have a chance to practice using the vocabulary we learned and discuss the topic of the lesson. You get the PDFs, the accompanying videos, and two versions of audio for all texts (paragraphs). Here are the topics covered in this course: Getting to know other people A mini dictionary of 'very Egyptian' common phrases Numbers (100-1000,000,000,000) Describe people Talk about the weather Learn how pronominal suffixes change based on the endings of words Talk about transportation Talk about animals Describe personalities Talk about sickness Describe vacations Describe your home Talk about shopping Talk about your personal information Talk about body parts Give directions




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